The Process Of Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

relieving back painAlmost 80 percent of women suffer back pain during their early months of pregnancies. The hardest part is to choose perfect medication in relieving back pain during pregnancy that will not endanger their infants.

Yoga for pregnancy always involves back muscles exercise. Using mat, exercise the back muscles with your hand and feet stretching. For best result in relieving back pain, you should start the exercise on your early pregnancy. There are a lot of different causes for the back pain. And some are actually caused from the simple strain or sprain injury.

And others are because of serious problems in spine itself. Also, it is very important to seek the treatment, which can get to this cause of problem, instead of treating these symptoms. Masking these symptoms will lead to the worse problems in near future. It is very important to try the natural methods to deal with this problem. Surgery is dangerous, and drugs will have the harmful side effects and lead to the addiction. All these methods are essential, however why not to try out the natural methods first that do not have risk linked with them.

Here are some simple methods, which will help you get rid of the pain. In case, your symptoms persist and increase while performing the methods, you must immediately seek advice of the health care expert.

Ice or Heat: While used rightly, ice and heat is effective to help you relieve the symptoms. Ice is effective to reduce the inflammation as well as speeding up your healing process after the injury. It is normally accepted that the ice must get used for first 72hours after the injury when it is acute. Also, ice must not get used for the longer than twenty minutes. The good rule is to ice twenty minutes on & one hour off by repeating continuously at time of acute phase.

Also, after the 72hour mark, the heat is used as required. Heat is very good in helping to relax your tight muscles & increase the blood flow to all this area. Alternating heat & ice for around 20 minutes will be very effective in healing of your pain. Pregnant women, without they realize, often pull their lower back forward. The shifting center of gravity makes the back muscles become painful. Posing the right body posture is a method in relieving lower back pain.

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