Natural Remedies for Back Pain in Quick Time

Natural Remedies for Back PainThere are several alternative to heal back pain. One more popular remedy for the back ache is using garlic oil. Definitely, you will be able to make it on your home! So, all you need to do is just fry ten cloves of he garlic in 60ml of the coconut oil, mustard oil or sesame oil. Massage this oil on your back when it is cool and you can see it give very good relief. People find it very effective drinking the warm water that is mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey.

You may as well try to administer the equal quantity of the cus-cus grass & sugar with five grams of the warm milk. Results cannot be instant thus you need to drink the mixture for some days in the row. Exercising & brisk walking regularly also helps to relieve the back pain. It keeps your muscles strong & strengthens your whole vertebral column. At times back pain is also caused by the weight gain. It is body’s natural reaction as it isn’t used to weight it is actually carrying. Shedding certain pounds can help to alleviate problem. You need to be careful while bending.

Here are some of the treatments

1.Natural remedies for back pain with Vitamin D
The natural remedies for back pain have got to be vitamin D. We can obtain Vitamin D from sunlight or supplements. Consuming foods that are rich in Vitamin D contains calcium for our bones.

2.Natural remedies for back pain with Yoga
Other Natural remedies for back pain are yoga exercise. Yoga involves meditation and also physical therapies that may reduce your pain and your mindset about the pain.

3.Natural remedies for back pain with Massage
Massaging your back can also be the form of natural remedies for back pain. You can consult with chiropractic to avoid further pain.

Back pain…we have our share of stories regarding this thing and at times we try very hard to ignore this not knowing there are many natural remedies you may do in comfort of your own home in order to relieve the back pain. The massage oils & herbal oils are inexpensive & they help to soothe back the pains. You can request your partner and someone to massage the back by using their knuckles & apply the pressure slowly. This can help you to relax. After the great massage, you need to lie on your back for two to four hours.

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