Home Remedy Extreme Tooth Pain Relief

tooth pain reliefIf you never experience the agony of toothache, you should be grateful. However, if you are one of the toothache sufferers, perhaps you should consider natural tooth pain relief.

Another controversial tooth pain relief home remedy is liquor. Liquor contains few percentage of alcohol that acts as anesthesia. You can use it as mouthwash and it will lessen the pain. It never fails because toothache pain can hit at anytime, and at the most inconvenient time. Though locating source of this problem might need help of the experienced dentist, and there are many home remedies you may try that will help to give toothache pain relief when you are searching for the permanent solution. So, here are some remedies.

Salt Water

The solution is recommended after the teeth are pulled, however is equally effective in combating the toothache. Take large spoonful of the salt & mix it with one glass of the warm water. Then, take this mixture and use like the mouthwash. Swish around in your mouth for long you can stand its taste and until the jaw muscles get totally sore. After that, spit out mixture & repeat this process the couple of times. Also, you must feel the toothache pain subside. Even if tooth pain relief was for free, no one would want to use extreme tooth pain relief.


Never get excited just yet. It doesn’t mean that you have to go to bar & get plastered. However, in case, you have whiskey, vodka, brandy, and other alcohol sitting over your house, you can temporarily relieve this pain by swishing around in the mouth and spitting it out. Apparently, people tend to forget that cucumber gives soothing effect. You can use it as natural tooth pain relief. Place cucumber on the aching tooth and let it heals the pain with its chillness.

Clove Oil or Cloves

Clove oil and cloves are common cures for the toothache for centuries. In order, to take away the tooth pain, try to rest the clove against sore area and substitute with some drops of the clove oil over your tooth. As the alternatives you may mix the ground cloves with some water and olive oil and try to apply this solution as the paste. This technique may generally reduce pain substantially, however like most of the home remedies for the toothache, results are generally temporary.

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