The Top Home Remedies for Headache

home remedies for headacheIf you are looking for home remedies for headache, then you are on the right page. Whether you are seeking home remedies for sinus headache or just to relieve your tension headache, the best thing of home remedies for headache are that you can apply it for any types of headache problem.

The cluster headaches actually cause the sharp pain as well as come in the clusters like name suggests. It will make your eyes & nose watery. The cluster headaches are serious and are rare. Slight aches aren’t life threatening however some type is present as the symptom of serious illness like neck injury, head injury, brain tumour or blood pressure problem.

For quick home remedies for headache relief, you can rub ice over your forehead. If you dislike cold substance, you may choose soak cloth in warm water and do the same thing. Severity of the pain is completely different in people. It can be the genetic problem running in your family. The change in the sleeping pattern, medication, indigestion, low blood pressure, excessive alcohol, acidity, allergies, and some strong smells will trigger the headache.

Hot compress on forehead is also effective as home remedies for migraine headache pain relief. another interesting fact has been found, that chewing gum may reduce headache pain, too. One more type is Sinus headache. Because of infection in sinus cavity, one may experience the pain in face where sinus cavities are there.

The nasal discharge is very common in the headache. Medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin, is taken for these aches. However, these OTC drugs have got some side effects. They will cause drowsiness and increase in heartbeat. Some drugs don’t go very well with stomach & digestive process of person. The home remedies are followed for the relief.

Some home remedies for the headache are

1. Apple: It is actually said that eating one apple will give you complete relief from your pain.

2. Sandalwood paste: You can make the paste of sandalwood & apply on your effected are. Allow it to dry, and wash it off.

3. Peppermint Oil: The peppermint oil is highly massaged for the soothing sensation.

4. Lemon: You can take lemon juice and apply the fresh lemon where your pain exists.

5. Wet Towel: Dip one small towel in the water and squeeze the water out. Put it on your head.

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