The Really Good Neck Pain Remedies

neck pain remediesSpine injuries are not just suffered by your back bones, but also your neck. Neck pain is usually accompanied by shoulder pain. And it may be caused by injuries or wrong position when sitting. One of the powerful neck pain remedies is resting. Having too many physical can make the neck muscles strain and stiff. Taking a rest may reduce the stiffness.


The treatment actually relies on reduction of disc bulge just by changing mechanics of spine & reducing tension in connective tissue with the Connective Tissue Manipulation & Manual Lymph Drainage. The correct posture is important to improve neck pain as well as prevent the recurrence. The pillow height must be enough to maintain neck in the neutral position as well as prevent any problems when in the bed.

Heat therapy is also one of the neck pain remedies. However, applying heat therapy on the first week can worsen your pain. Heat therapy is supposed to be applied for mild case of neck pain. Otherwise it may increase the swelling. Elevating the injured part above your heart is also one of neck pain remedies. Most of the people over age of thirty five show wear & tear on the Xray of necks, however not everybody over age of 35 has the neck pain! The X rays just show bones in your body and don’t show disc and soft tissues over the joints and bones.

Thus the patient will have the bad Xray but stay pain free and alternatively have the normal X-ray & be in the agony as it isn’t bones causing this pain. Cricked neck, pulled muscle and trapped nerve, are terms that patients use for describing the pain in neck.

Actually most of the neck pain is a result of the disc problem that is causing the trapped nerve. The neck problem will result while sleeping awkwardly & ‘cricking’ neck; it is because of prolonged bad posture like sitting at the computer or at wheel of the car; or it is sudden in onset because of sudden jarring of your neck, and from lifting and pushing the heavy objects.

Patients generally complain of the constant pain in their neck, over the shoulders and in shoulder blade. The pain can also be referred from neck up to head and down your arms – referred pain – The beck pain is one sided and both sides.

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