Top Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

home remedies for back painBack pain or backache is caused by many factors. Some may suffer it occasionally and some are said to suffer often on the same particular area. If your back pain is mild case, you can try simple home remedies for back pain and removing the discomfort feeling naturally.

Check your chair. One good desk chair must give you the comfortable lower and back support. In case, yours doesn’t, then use the curved pillow (named lumbar pillow) for getting the extra support you require. Also, chair back must lean backward. Hold the back against it instead of leaning forward. Then keep your feet little flat on floor.

In case, you are working at the computer, then adjust your chair & keyboard height so your arms & thighs are totally parallel to floor and eyes are also leveled with top of the monitor. This will help to make sure the right posture. You can redesign the car seat. Lots of newer model vehicle have seats with the built in adjustable supports for your lower back. In case, your car does not have the feature, then consider using the lumbar pillow while you are driving your car. As the alternative, you can try to position the rolled up towel in your lower back & car seat. Ice does not only enhance your beverage, but it is proven to be the home remedies for back pain.

Practice right posture. While you stand, then keep your weight distributed evenly between both your legs. Your knees must be bent, and your shoulders down & back, and buttocks tucked in. Do not slouch.
Lift like the pro. No matter how heavy and light the object is. Lift with the legs, and making your muscles do work. Then rise straight up, by holding an object close to the body. Never twist when you lift. Make sure about your footing when you set this object down, then lower it with the legs. A comforting massage may also be the home remedies for back pain relief. Other home remedies for lower back pain that you should try is to take hot bath. Taking a hot bath can reduce back pain and inflammation that occur inside.

Get better bed. Your mattress must be neither very firm nor soft. To make the mattress firmer, you can place the sheet of the plywood underneath. You may consider investing in the waterbed that will give the right support.

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